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Red light therapy (RLT) is a healing treatment that is set to target your skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of your body. Using non-invasive red light and near-infrared light, RLT increases the production of collagen and elastin proteins within the body. The most common use of RLT is an as a skin rejuvenation tool and can help as an anti-aging agent as well!

With the incorporation of Red Light Therapy, your skin will not only be tan, but will also be extremely healthy!

Benefits of Red Light Therapy:

  • Enhance your skin's overall appearance.

  • Improve your skin tone and even help lighten aging spots.

  • Decrease wrinkles and provide an anti-aged look.

  • Increase muscle tone by helping increase the energy used by your cells.

  • Improve blood circulation by stimulating blood flow.

  • Helps naturally clear blemishes.

  • Help with pain management (i.e. joint, back, sore, or torn muscles, burns, arthritis, scarring, acne, eczema, and more).


Tips to improve your experience:

  1. Hydrate the skin well before and after your Red Light Therapy sessions. 

  2. Wash your skin thoroughly before a session to ensure all surface oils and irritants have been removed. 

Month-to-Month membership options and one-time specials available!

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